• CEO Message


    Thank your visiting our website.

    Our company, PureMann Inc, is a manufacturing and sales company specialized in refrigerant gases for automobile, refrigeration and air-conditioning system and fire extinguishing agent.

    We are supplying high quality refrigerant gases and fire extinguishing agents which have no ODP, low GWP and harmless to humans.

    We are prompt in dealing with the changes of the internationalization and trying to protect our customer’s life, property and to improve efficiency of products through the continuous R&D and technology improvement.

    Thank you.

  • Vision




  • Culture of Business

    • Ethical Management

      The ethical management an invisible prode of our company.
    • Custormer First

      Our custormers' staisfaction is a driving force for our success and happiness.
    • Best Product

      We are under obligation to supply the best product and service our custormer.
    • Happiness for All Company Members

      PureMann will spare no expense in distributing profits to company members and stockholders.